SJ iCenter - Responsive Joomla Template

SJ iCenter - This is an impressive Joomla Template for Joomla 3.x, integrating K2 and EasyBlog Component.

SJ Kampe - Responsive Joomla Template

The eCommerce responsive Joomla template for Joomla 3.x – SJ Kampe has an attractive looking and clean layout with flat design, perfect color combination and large slideshow about products and services, 2 Hompage layouts, powerful Mega Menu built-in... and much more.

SJ Papa - Responsive Joomla Template

SJ Papa - Great responsive Joomla template for eCommerce sites.

SJ Perty - Responsive Joomla Template

SJ Perty - An exquisite Joomla template for news/magazine websites. By use of the powerful slideshow, your news will be attractively presented with image, title, date and comment counter. Besides, your top video is displayed as a pop-up window, you don't need to move to another page. It makes your website become more convenient to use.

SJ Product - Responsive Joomla Template

SJ Product comes out with a simple but effective interface. You can attractively set your own featured products with name, short description, detail links by the powerful slideshow. In addition, the product categories are presented with a simple and nice look which makes your website more professional and easy-to-use. Specially, a video box on the homepage is a great news for you to display more interesting information. Go along with this, very cool hover effect is supported, so your website will be more pleasant to follow.

SJ Live - Fully Responsive

SJ Live another template for Joomla version 3.3h, developed by a team of professionals in web design studio SmartAddons. It is suitable for those wishing to create a bulletin board for absolutely any site. Template has enough features that provides the ability to play it on any mobile devices and tablets, as well as it has compatibility with all modern browsers, which is made ​​possible by the framework to YT Framework. Besides YT Framework allows pattern at high speeds. Also in SJ Live template were added components such as K2 and expansion, AdsManager and - this component allows you to add ads not only creators, but also users that at times increase the popularity of your boards.

SJ Univer - Responsive Joomla Template

SJ Univer - A distinct Joomla 3.x Template for educational websites with fully responsive layout and many other advanced features supported. With this pure designed template, you can easily build a professional and attractive website.

SJ Financial II - Responsive Joomla Template

SJ Financial II - the second version of the adaptive pattern of the well-known web design studio SmartAddons. Is an excellent solution for resource specializing in news of the world economy. In SJ Financial II provides integration of the popular designer content K2, which greatly simplifies the management of the site contents. At the core of the template - a powerful robust platform YT Framework and Twitter Bootstrap 3 that allows you to use on your web page a wide range of functions as well as easy to adapt to any device with any screen size and resolution. The template includes 4 original scheme color schemes: blue, purple, red and green hues, as well as components of a multi-level menu, Mega Menu, allowing to carry out any design and functional solutions: add images, detailed descriptions of items and sub-items, videos, and other items. In addition, SJ Financial II is available with 8 bonus pages, and a huge selection of studio extensions, offering new possibilities.

SJ Style - Responsive Joomla Template

SJ Style - a simple template with a stylish design, intended for online shopping of any orientation. This is a great multi-purpose solution for the sale of various products - and the clothes and shoes and jewelry and electronics and appliances. Template Developed by Web Design SmartAddons. The creators added to the template powerful, popular online merchants component MijoShop, allowing you to create a complete user-friendly and attractive online store, moreover, helping to increase sales at the expense of useful marketing extensions. SJ Style includes 8 different color schemes, easily customizable in the control panel Cpanel. It should be noted that the template contains a number of extensions of themselves SmartAddons and other studios. The template is based on the platform YT Framework v2, so that it can work correctly in all browsers and devices, including on the IPhone and IPod.

SJ Saphi - Responsive Joomla Template

SJ Saphi - responsive Multi-Purpose eCommerce template with VirtueMart component. According to the current web trends, SJ Saphi has an up-to-date design with clean flat design, neat typography, smooth navigation and well-structured layout. With powerful VirtueMart component and SJ Mini Cartpro extension, users can easily go "shopping" through your website as well as completely manage their shopping carts.