Content King - Shape5 Joomla Template

Content King is a beautifully laid out design that shows off your content in various unique modules. The template is designed to show in a full screen width layout to take advantage of widescreen monitors which are becoming the standard.

This month we also have several new modules that we've released. The S5 News Display 2 can pull a Joomla intro image while displaying the article content on top. The NEW S5 Masonry module shows off your articles in a masonry block style layout with features to load additional articles for users who would like to see more. We've also updated the S5 News Ticker module to version 3 which now can pull unlimited Joomla articles and rotate through them. 2 custom highlight colors, 1 custom highlight font and much more, be sure to check out the demo. to see all the features included!!Shape5_Contentking.rar