IceTheme - IT Arabia - Responsive RTL Joomla 3 Theme

Inspired from the orient, IT Arabia Premium Theme is the ideal choice for your RTL-based Joomla website

It should not surprise you that the prosperity of the Arab cities has been exceptionally good these times. Their demand to attract, especially western tourists, has skyrocketed, so the request for good-looking, usable and professional websites has increased as well

IT Arabia, with its RTL (right-to-left) mode ready, should be the perfect choice for any kind of Arabian websites that require a fresh and responsive design, but of course it can be used for any website with Latin fonts as well. (RTL-mode is enabled automatically when you install a RTL-based language)

The big slideshow behind the transparent header can warmly welcome your website visitors. It should be your ideal place to put your most important information accompanied with some beautiful photos.
New for this Premium Joomla Template are the animation effects that are visible when you scroll the website. You will notice that some elements will fade and move according to the scrolling on that part of the page.

On the other hand, IT Arabia, is fully responsive. It will look awesome on any type of device, not only in the English version, but in the RTL mode as well.

So, if you have a website project which require the RTL-mode, plus you want it multilingual (English, or any other language for that matter), as well as to look amazing on any device, IT Arabia is your ideal choice.

Awesome features

    Fully responsive Joomla 3.x theme
    RTL Mode Ready (Arabic Languages)
    A clear focus on simplicity and beauty
    Fixed Navigation
    Animation effects on page scroll
    6 Beautiful Template Styles
    Customized Blog section
    8 Custom pages
    Built in with LESS CSS
    Bootstrap framework ready