Families is a template obviously inspired by strong feelings such as love, respect, understanding. Designed in a warm style, it is mostly applied to charities and religious websites without excluding the use by professional webmasters about many other types of contents.


Ezhost is a simple, polished and shiny new template designed for business presentations. Its layout is very well suited for web hosting services, but a capable webmaster can adjust it to many other types of web content such as e-commerce, portal or even a blog. Ezhost introduces two new GNU/GPL modules with an amazing amount of configuration options that make them adjust to many types of project requirements. The modules are Support Panel which shows hovering panels when the user puts the mouse over a pre-specified area, and STabs (Sliding Tabs) a module that displays modules in a tab layout with animation effects.


Exchange is a lucid business template. Clear colors and a fine design bring a great visual experience to your website visitors. Exchange is the ideal choice for a business presentation, as well as a business blog or portal.


It's a general belief nowadays education has been undoubtedly one of the most necessary qualifications in peoples' life. Therefore the suggestion of Bonusthemes about this month could not be something different but a template with exclusively educational character. It is intended for coaching schools, language schools, departments of universities, private schools etc or news' portals and blogs.


BonusThemes presents a Delicious Joomla! template. Delicious has a design far from the ordinary and styling ready to steal your guests' look. It can easily work as an e-commerce template or a presentation website for content that relates to joyful and relaxing thoughts, products or services.

Creative Template, Creative Joomla! template

Creative introduces new styling and layout concepts in the Joomla! template world. Menus with shadows, blog date tags with multiple designs and collapsible module positions give this template maximum flexibility. You can enable the blog styled dates to make it work as a blog.

Corez Template, Corez Joomla! template

Corez is designed for webmasters who need to present a hi-tech content. It is equipped with scripts that create smooth animations and is designed with a rich contrast that creates an intense user experience.

Colorstudio Template, Colorstudio Joomla! template

Colorstudio is a -must have- template for all those of you who design websites. As any other template, Colorstudio offers plenty of technologies that makes it easy to adjust to many other types of content as well. Colorstudio is great for presentation websites and it can also be very suitable for blogs, shops or other types of websites.

Collection e-shop Joomla Template

Collection has been thoroughly designed and intended for e-shops and particularly for sales of shoes, but not only. The warm, earth tones of brown make it a really astonishing template. K2 and Virtuemart are included and offer you a variety of technologies to present your blog or e-shop. Thus Collection can satisfy even the most demanding web developers.

Cloudhost Template, CloudHost Joomla hosting template

If you belong to the league of groundbreaking business people, welcome to our team! At Bonusthemes we are constantly researching the new opportunities that emerge in e-business, offering ready-to-use solutions before you even ask for them. That is the philosophy behind cloudhost.


Call2me is a clean business template for professionals who require a simple and elegant presentation style. It features blog styled date tags to assist webmasters for blogging facilities.